Use Of PVC Board

- Jan 29, 2018 -

Soft PVC is generally used in floors, ceilings and leather surface, but because soft PVC contains softener, easy to become brittle, not easy to save, so its use range has been limited. Hard PVC does not contain softener, flexibility, easy to shape, not easy to brittle, non-toxic non-polluting, long time to save, so it has great development and application value.

PVC foam board with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, mildew, do not absorb water, can drill, can be saw, can be planed, easy to hot forming, hot bending and other characteristics, it is widely used in furniture, cabinets, bath cabinets, exhibition shelf board, Box core, indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials, chemical and other fields with boards, advertising, printing, screen printing, inkjet, computer lettering, Electronic instrumentation product packaging and other industries.

PVC Rigid Plastic plate has excellent corrosion resistance, insulation, and has a certain mechanical strength; After two processing can be made into sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) trough (tank), medicine with empty needle frame, the process frame, public health water tank, the template of processing products, decorative plate, exhaust pipe, equipment lining, such as various special-shaped products, containers. Is the chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries ideal selection of materials.

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