The Rolling Technology Of PVC Sheet Has A Wide Prospect

- Jan 29, 2018 -

In order to make PVC viscoelastic, can be in the PVC sheet calendering process to add at least one of the following to achieve: ① plasticizer: In particular, the dosage of plasticizers slightly excessive, plasticizer to add to make PVC soft and rich in elasticity, and plasticizer and incremental plasticizers due to in the PVC incompatible, for this reason, Add more will dialysis to the surface of products and sticky; ② nitrile rubber, neoprene, Eva and other rich viscoelastic materials to add, ③ various types of internal and external lubricants, such as: liquid paraffin, amide lubricants, such as high-grade alcohols.

The rolling technology of PVC sheet has a wide prospect

PVC resin in the VCM monomer content under 1ppm is non-toxic polyvinyl chloride, if in the PVC resin formula, a variety of additives are non-toxic, the production of PVC film and sheet can be used as a direct contact with food and medicine packaging materials. PVC in general because the content of vinyl chloride monomer in more than 1ppm, VCM has a strong carcinogenicity, so when its products for packaging, it can only be used in non-food drugs, such as: industrial packaging.

PVC Packaging Films, sheets can be used calendering, extrusion blown film, squeeze casting method and solvent casting method to produce, but the most widely used is the calendering and extrusion method. When making rigid PVC transparent diaphragm production, it is best to use four roll calender, can have good transparency and physical mechanical strength, three rollers is slightly worse. Its process flow is as follows: Formula-> High-speed stirring-> Two rolls-> two roll upper material-> Four roll calendering-> Stripping-> Cooling-> coiling.

Winding packaging is not only used in small commodities, daily life products, but also widely used in building materials, such as: steel, aluminum alloy, plastic pipe, decorative plate, refractory bricks, such as container packaging, so the use of a very wide range of PVC is a cheap, comprehensive can be better, easy to modify and shape a material, therefore, PVC Winding Film has a wide range of prospects.

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