Performance Of PVC Board

- Jan 29, 2018 -

General performance PVC resin for a white or light yellow powder, the relative density of 1.35-1.45. The degree of hardness of the product can be adjusted by adding a number of plasticizers. Pure PVC water absorption and permeability are very low.

The mechanical properties of PVC have higher hardness and mechanical properties. and increases with the increase of molecular weight, but decreases with the increase of temperature. The mechanical properties of rigid PVC are good, and their elastic modulus can reach 1500-3000mpa. and soft PVC elasticity 1.5-15 MPa. But elongation at break is as high as 200%-450%. The friction of PVC is general, the static friction factor is 0.4-0.5, and the dynamic friction factor is 0.23.

Thermal properties of PVC heat stability is very poor, 140℃ start decomposition, melting temperature of 160 ℃. The linear expansion coefficient of PVC is small, it has the difficulty of burning, and the oxidation index is over 45.

Electrical Properties PVC is a kind of polymer with good electrical properties, but because of its large polarity, electrical insulation is inferior to PP and PE. Dielectric constant, dielectric loss angular tangent value and large volume resistivity, corona resistance is not good, generally suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency insulating materials.

Environmental performance PVC can withstand most inorganic acid, alkali, salt, most organic solvents. Suitable for medicine, chemical anti-corrosion materials.

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