British R & D Polyester Plastic Products, Unique, Recyclable

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The British plastics manufacturer BrettMartin company introduced a high performance polyester copolymer (PETg), the product not only retains the original characteristics, but also has a translucent, light transmission, high resistance to corrosion and its superior fireproof performance etc..

It is reported that the new copolymer polyester called Marpet-gFS is easy to shape, it is an ideal plastic sheet for construction, printing and other fields. As a new member of the polyester family, Marpet-gFS can replace polycarbonate, hard acrylic and PVC sheets in a wide variety of applications, BrettMartin says.

BrettMartin company spokesman said, in addition to inheriting the traditional copolyester durability, impact resistance of the outstanding features, Marpet-gFS also has its unique performance advantages. The novel copolyester is crystal clear and has high light transmission property, and has excellent corrosion resistance and fire resistance. In addition, the copolyester is made from recycled material and can be recycled for many times. It is an ideal environment-friendly plastic.

The Marpet-gFS is extremely easy to shape so that it can adapt to extreme processing environments. With the special process, the new copolyester can be processed into a complex and excellent product. Industry forecasts, the new material is expected to become the new darling of the market.

The success of Marpet-gFS has further broadened the scope of the company's transparent plastic sheet and helped us become the top producer of transparent polyester sheets in the European plastics industry." BrettMartin, DuncanSmith's sales manager for semi-finished products, said.

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