PVC film

- Jan 29, 2018 -

PVC film is divided into soft film and hard film. The elongation, tearing strength and cold resistance of soft PVC films are good, easy to print and heat sealing, and can be made into transparent films. Because of the soft PVC

The film has a plasticizer odor, and there are problems such as plasticizer relocation, so generally can not be used for food packaging. But the soft PVC film produced by internal plasticizing method can be used for packaged food. Generally speaking, PVC soft film is mainly used in industrial products and non-food packaging.

Rigid PVC film, commonly known as PVC cellophane. High transparency, crisp, good toughness, kink stability, a good gas tightness, incense and good moisture resistance, printing performance, can be made of non-toxic films. It is mainly used for the kink of candy packaging, textiles, clothing packaging, as well as cigarettes and food packaging boxes of the outsourcing film. But hard PVC cold resistance, low temperature brittle, it is not suitable for frozen food packaging materials.

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